Terms of Use

On this website, we enable you to purchase selected Tommy Hilfiger outfits and – when you have paid the advertised license fee – a right to receive and use their digital twin (a “License”). Digital twins are virtual representations of the physical outfit designed to be worn by and compatible with a Ready Player Me avatar. Ready Player Me is the platform provided by Ready Player Me Ltd, which enables users to create and customize virtual avatars. In these terms and conditions, we refer to these digital twins as "Digital Outfits”. Digital Outfits are provided in a "Standard Version” without any additional features and a “Limitless Version” with added dynamic features such as wings and other enhancements. 


These Tommy Parallel terms and conditions (these “Terms and Conditions”) are used by Area 52 Innovation B.V. ("we or us"). They describe what you may expect from us in connection with a purchase of a selected Tommy Hilfiger outfit and are part of the agreement that we have with you in connection with your purchase of a License. 


To receive your Digital Outfit, you need to open an account on this website. Your account will have an empty Digital Outfit wardrobe associated with it. When you have paid the License fee and completed the purchase flow on our website, your Digital Outfit will show up as an item in your wardrobe. You just need to redeem it. You can redeem it by clicking the “REDEEM”. This will make the Digital Outfit available as a custom garment in the Ready Player Me avatar editor connected with your Ready Player Me account. If you do not have such an account, you will be prompted to open it. You can redeem a Digital Outfit only once. Make sure that you redeem within one month after the date on which you have acquired a License. If you fail to timely redeem it, your License will lapse.


Upon redemption, you will receive a worldwide right to use your acquired Digital Outfit as a custom garment for the avatar that you have created in your Ready Player Me account. You acknowledge that your use of the Digital Outfit shall be subject to the Ready Player Me TOS and Privacy Policy. Your License will be valid for the duration of your entitlement to your Ready Player Me account.


For each Digital Garment we will charge you a one-time License Fee that is listed on the website for each Digital Garment. You will pay us the License Fee via your selected payment method.


Your Digital Garment has been designed in accordance with the technical requirements that  Ready Player Me provided to us. As of the date you redeem your Digital Garment your Digital Garment will be compatible with your Ready Player Me avatar. Compatible means that the Digital Garment can be activated as a custom asset in your Ready Player Me account and can be “worn” by your avatar on the Ready Player Me platform and in all virtual worlds which have enabled Ready Player Me avatars. We do not guarantee a minimum term of compatibility. The actual term is wholly dependent on Ready Player Me and cannot be influenced by us.


Your Digital Garment is digital content which you can start using immediately by redeeming it in the manner provided for above. Therefore, your statutory cancellation rights do not apply, and the License Fee you paid to us is non-refundable. During the purchase flow for the license, we have requested you to present us with your approval of our delivery of immediate use rights to your Digital Garment and your associated loss of statutory cancellation rights. 


You agree not to:



We retain all right, title, and interest in and to the Digital Garment, including any modifications, adaptations, or derivative works thereof, and all intellectual property rights embodied therein. These terms and conditions do not convey any ownership rights in the Digital Garment to you.


Tommy Hilfiger outfits are not sold by us to you. When you click on a product description of a physical Tommy Hilfiger outfit on our website, we will direct you via a deep link to the relevant product page on the Tommy Hilfiger website in your country of residence. You can then continue the purchase flow and acquire the product on this website. We have done our best to provide complete and correct information on the selected Tommy Hilfiger outfits on our website. We cannot guarantee that this is always the case. You should therefore validate any product related information on the Tommy Hilfiger website prior to procuring the product. All information that you are entitled to as part of your statutory rights as a consumer is provided via links in the footer of the Tommy Hilfiger website page. Please take some time to review this information. 


This Agreement may be terminated by Licensor in the event of any breach by Licensee of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Upon termination, Licensee shall cease all use of the Digital Garment and delete any copies from their Ready Player Me account.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Netherlands, but not by the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods. The competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle disputes in connection with these terms and conditions, without prejudice to the right of appeal and the right of appeal to the Supreme Court, which means that you can file a claim to enforce your consumer protection rights in connection with these terms and conditions in Amsterdam or in the EU country where you reside.


The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform can be accessed at http://ec.europa.eu/odr  Please note that we do not currently participate in an online dispute resolution process before any dispute resolution body.