Tommy Parallel offers digital clothing based on a Tommy Jeans collection. This way you can wear the same outfit in real life and across various virtual worlds and games. Each digital outfit is linked to a physical outfit that can be found on Tommy.com in Europe. The digital outfits can be purchased from almost anywhere.

A digital outfit is an (almost) identical twin of the original Tommy Jeans outfit. The Limitless collection is made in collaboration with The Fabricant and is a more extravagant version of the original Tommy Jeans outfit, defying the laws of gravity. Check out our collection to see some examples!

Tommy Parallel partners with RPM to enable users to style their RPM avatars with Tommy Parallel digital outfits and redeem their purchased outfits on Ready Player Me's platform. Via Ready Player Me you can take your avatars and their outfits to 1000s of connected apps and games. To learn more, visit www.readyplayer.me.

No you don't, it's up to you if you want to by both versions or just the digital outfit.

Tommy Parallel outfits are currently designed for use across the virtual worlds and games connected to Ready Player Me's ecosystem. We are working on adding more utility and virtual worlds to our ecosystem, stay tuned for more!

Tommy Parallel collaborates with HiberWorld and Spatial. Each of the worlds has designed a space that lives and breathes the Nautical elements that the Tommy Parallel collection is based on. Explore the quests and win rewards!

Currently the Tommy Parallel team is focussing on maximising the utility of the virtual outfits and making them available across as many worlds as possible. We have NFTs as a potential on our roadmap, but can't make any promises when this functionality will come.

Digital outfits cannot be returned. The physical items purchased through Tommy.com can be returned.

Yes, you can show off how you look in your digital Tommy Parallel outfits by downloading your avatar from your Ready Player Me in a .png format. Some of the connected worlds and games also have a selfie feature.

This functionality isn't a feature as of yet, but let us know if this is something you'd like to use in the future.

Tommy Parallel outfits are designed to be compatible with all devices and platforms, the compatibility of your device depends on the virtual world, game, or app that you will use the outfits in.

We're currently offering full outfits only, but let us know if this is something you'd like to use in the future.